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Blockhain Bob


Blockchain Bob is a full-time trader and mentor who is committed to helping his “crushers” develop their trading skills so they can perform at their full potential and enjoy long-term trading success.

He is a huge proponent of risk management and responsible trading. His trading style is based on patience, strict discipline, and trust in his technical analysis. For him this means applying his back-tested strategies of high-probability trades and his “risk-free” trading system while accepting the risk and responsibility for each trade he enters.

Bob also believes in the importance of a balanced life, so he prioritizes his mental and physical health as much as his financial well-being. This is something he ingrains into his community – if you find yourself staring at charts all day and stressing about every penny gained and lost, you are doing something wrong and need to reevaluate your trading plan.

Flow with the Market, Swim with the Whales.
Manage Your Risk, Don’t get REKT.
~Blockchain Bob

King Khan


King Khan is an Elliott Wave and Fibonacci chart trader with 3 years of live trading experience. During this time, he has used many trading setups as he worked to improve his efficiency in trading with time decay. He is considered a champion in “charting” and “finding the wave of the markets”. As Bob’s right hand, he is another source of ideas and support.

Elliott Trading is an Art. Who understands it, Earns it.
~King Khan

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